Test specimens you can rely on

Concrete test specimens
Concrete test specimens
Composition, size and shape are up to you

We manufacture customized concrete test specimens. Every composition can be produced by gravimetrically adjusting the additives in accordance with the specified particle-size distribution curve.

Concrete test specimen according
to EN 14891, crack bridging test

Our own mold-making department caters for all size requirements.

Concrete test specimens can be subjected to aftertreatment by grinding, sandblasting or saw-cutting in line with your requirements.


Concrete test specimens

Concrete test specimens

Produced according to ISO 13640 method 1 and method 2, for ISO 11600

According to EN 14891, crack bridging test

Other standards, e.g. ASTM, BS, NF, JIS, and many more

Concrete slabs

For tests according to DIN EN 1323

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Concrete slabs

Quality similar to ISO 13640

Concrete blocks

According to EN 1766 with all subtypes; concrete quality monitored by the MPA*. Upon request with customized type plate on every block.

Test specimens

Made of polymer concrete

Spacers and separators

For standard joints

*German Materials Testing Authority