Test specimens you can rely on

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Aluminium test specimens Concrete test specimens Fibre cement test specimens Tiles test specimens Glass test specimens Wood test specimens Plastic test specimens Metal test specimens Test specimens for automotive adhesives Test specimens for the aerospace industry Test panels for PSA (adhesive tape) tests Test specimens for varnish & coatings Special fabrications Stone test specimens Test specimens for dental adhesives

Your requirements set the bar for us

Our products are exclusively custom-made in line with your requirements. Indeed customizing is key and unusual dimensions, special materials and special surfaces are par for the course.

Whether it be plate shears or CNC mills, the cutting options are manifold and absolutely exact thanks to our precise manufacturing methods.

We are well versed in aftertreatment and competent every step of the way, be it milling, grinding, chemical aftertreatment or drilling holes.

Our skills lie in the special materials that we procure and process for almost any field of application. Thanks to our large inventories, we are able to process and deliver even very small quantities of common materials within a short time frame.

Test specimens can be customized upon request. We can apply a serial number or a customized company mark on metals or plastics.

Our stringent quality standard safeguards both our and your economic success. Competence in terms of materials and workmanship and our highly qualified staff are the prerequisites for the high quality standard set out in our
ISO 9001 certification.


...test specimens made from:

  • wood
  • plastic
  • metal
  • glass
  • concrete
  • ceramics
  • stone
  • tiles
  • fibre cement
  • test specimens for dental adhesives


...special designs:

  • Production of special concrete grades on the basis of various DIN/EN compositions or custom specifications
  • Assembly and precision mechanics work in accordance with custom requirements
  • Mechanical and chemical aftertreatment of test specimens